Learning the Symptoms of Pinkeye

Have you experienced redness or inflammation of the whites of your eyes? Is there swelling in the inner portion of your eyelids as well? You probably are suffering from pinkeye.

Medically known as conjunctivitis, pinkeye is a common eye condition that is usually caused by bacterial infection, exposure to chemical agents, or triggered by allergies. It can also be an indicator of an underlying disease.

Unfortunately the viral or bacterial pinkeye is contagious. It can be transmitted by someone who has it by sneezing or coughing. Sharing or personal items like a towel or touching another with a poorly disinfected hand is another way to spread the condition. For the infectious kind, it is important for the infected person to stay out of school or office until the conditions subsides.

As for the allergic and chemical-induced pinkeye, there is no need to worry about spreading the condition from one person to another.

Here are the common symptoms of pinkeye:

Eye Redness or Swelling of the Eyelids

These are two of the most common signs of pinkeye. In infectious pinkeye, eyelid swelling may start out in one eye and affect the other in the later days. On the other hand, allergic pinkeye will generally involve both eyes.


Are your red eyes and swollen eyelids accompanied by tearing? If your tear ducts are producing more tears than usual under these circumstances, you probably are suffering from pinkeye. Allergic and bacterial pinkeye are associated with abnormal tearing.

Sometimes a clear, watery discharge from the eyes may be mistaken as tears. However, when the discharge appears to be greenish-yellow, you might want to have that checked. It’s likely bacterial or viral pinkeye.

Itchiness and Burning Sensation in the Eyes

When your eyes are overwhelmingly itchy or there is a burning sensation, you probably have pinkeye. This may be accompanied crusty eyelids that seem to shut your eyes close.

Sensitivity to Light

Mild sensitivity to light is common in pinkeye cases. But when the condition is accompanied by severe light sensitivity, this should be examined by an eye doctor. It’s likely the infection has affected the conjunctiva.


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