Do Your Eyes Twitch Too Often?

Do you repetitively blink your eyes? Is this motion uncontrollable to some extent? Eye twitching is triggered by spasm of the eyelid, usually involving the upper lids. If you’re experiencing this condition too often, you might want to read this.

Eye twitching is medically known as blepharospasm and affects the muscles in both eyes. This involuntary motion generally lasts about a minute. While its specific causes are unknown, stress, fatigue, and consumption of caffeine are heavily associated with this condition.

Minor twitching is not something to worry about. It’s generally harmless, and painless too. After a couple of minutes (or seconds), it will go away. However, it can be annoying. In serious cases, the spasms can cause the eyelids to shut close, but it will eventually reopen.

Eye twitching can occur many times during the day. If it keeps on coming back for days or weeks, it can be a cause of emotional distress, interfering daily life. In severe instances where eye twitching is characterized as chronic, the patient will experience unrelenting squinting or winking. Because the abnormally frequent closing of the eyes impair vision, the patient should see the eye doctor.

Pinkeye, dry eye syndrome, eyelid inflammation and light sensitivity are some of the underlying conditions associated with eye twitching. This involuntary eye motion may also appear where the patient suffers from a brain or nerve disorder such as Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, or Bell’s palsy.

Are you experiencing eye twitching for more than a week? If this persists or when the twitching has caused a complete closure of the eyelids or when the spasm affects other facial muscles, you should see an eye doctor. If you or the eye doctor has reason to suspect of brain or nerve disorder, you will be referred to a neurologist or other medical specialist for further examination.


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